Grade Components:

PROFESSIONALISM and Participation (30 POINTS):

This grade is pretty simple. Turn in every assignment. Turn it in when it’s due. Turn it in in the format requested. Come to class. Come to class on time. Be presentable. Treat others and yourself with respect. Treat email as a professional communication tool. Don’t make excuses. Be interested in learning. Be proactive.

Have something to say. Do the reading. Do the writing. Help people. Ask questions. Engage. Be there in mind and spirit. Focus on what others are saying. Pay attention. Have examples. Have points you wish to make. Ask for clarification. Support points (your’s and other’s) with information drawn from the text. Take notes. Bring notes. Bring the reading.

Old Writing Transformation (30 points)

Every other week, we will take an older piece of writing and rework it according to a different style. We will be consciously mimicking the style of others to transform our own work. You will do three versions of your old writing.

New Creation (40 points)

Each student will choose a new subject for a brief essay of creative nonfiction. This grade will be based on both process and final product.